Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Weekend Update

It's almost Wednesday and I haven't told you about my great weekend trip to Chicago. All I have to say is that it wasn't long enough. My flatmate, her boyfriend and I got a late start Friday night and got in at about 3 am I think. I was so lucky I didn't have to do the driving because I wasn't able to keep my eyes open after about 1. (Thanks you guys for driving this one! I don't remember the last time I didn't have to drive myself there.)

Saturday morning we all got up and I took the responsibility of making breakfast because that is my favorite meal to make. I also think it is because I am the main cooker out of the group. I made my old classic poached and scrambled eggs. Also had some Amish Friendship Bread I had in my freezer that I brought along for the weekend. Wayde made tea. It was great sitting in the kitchen with the morning sun shining in. I wish I had every morning to appreciate it like that. Here is a picture of the girls place.

Angie and I headed out to see and visit the shops around her neighborhood. Got some good little pics.

We then hopped on the "L" to go downtown to shop some of our favorite stores. Here, here and here. We also had to eat lunch at our most favorite burrito place. MMMMM! We ventured the city all afternoon and evening. Another great friend of mine from school met up with us and amazingly put up with us shopping at all our stores. I got these great yellow and gold sunglasses at H and M that Jonathan is modeling for us. It's the season for HUGE sunglasses from the 70's.

By the time we got home from walking all over creation we were hungry for supper and pretty tired. Out to dinner we went, to a little Italian place that was oh so yummy. I had chicken with a white wine sauce. I wished I had room for dessert but was entirely way to full to fit anything else in my stomach. After dinner we tried to go out and have some more fun but was just to tired and hot to stand around and try to socialize more.

Sunday morning we met up with another good friend of mine for breakfast. I was fascinated by all the artwork and decor at the little breakfast restaurant. I wanted to take lots and lots of pictures but was afraid of getting frowned at and I had a gentleman sitting only a foot away from me at the booth and I didn't want to irritate him. So I only have a few photos from breakfast and I am I keeping them a secret for a little something I am working on. This picture Matt took for me.

The time I spent in Chicago was only a short two days that went buy so quickly. We did so many things am hoping to make another longer trip later at the end of summer.


Sarah said...

I wanna go to Chicago... and buy huge 70s sunglasses at H&M. By the way Angie's place looks really cute... is it as fun inside as it looks outside?

Leslie said...

When shall we plan another trip?
Oh, Angie's place is maybe even more amazing on the inside! You can see some of those pictures via my flickr. Check it out.

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