Sunday, April 29, 2007

Red Byciclette

I absolutely love this picture of the lady riding her bike down the street. It is my dream to some day to have a lovely old bike with a basket on front and to be able to ride it to work and to run errands. I hate pumping my suv full of gas two times a week. Money sucker! (For all of you people against suv's I apologize for driving this non-Eco friendly vehicle but it wasn't my purchase and I can't afford to purchase a more environmentally friendly vehicle and at the current time. My commute to work isn't bicycle friendly either.) Anyway, I found this wonderful picture via my favorite fashion blog The Sartorialist. He took this picture in Milano.

Saturday, April 28, 2007

You know you want to.

It's time for another swap! I joined in on another via Free People blog. The theme is travel and the last day to sign up is Monday the 30 th. I encourage anyone who would like to participate to sign up because it is a lot of fun. The last Free People swap I did was for Valentines day. I made an altered book to send out to my fellow swapper. We started a flirckr group to post pictures of all our creations and had a great time commenting on each others items and getting to know everyone. Don't miss it out on this fun opportunity to be creative and get something creative back!

Birthday Cake

I really wanted to show you guys this adorable birthday cake I made for my good friend Jennifer for her birthday. I ended up not having my camera that evening because my little brother borrowed it. I was so disappointed that I didn't have any pictures. But I had a great surprise today, Jennifer took pictures of her cake because she was so delighted by it's cuteness! YEAH! So now you guys can all see how cute is.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

The Sumptuous Chair

On Saturday I popped into one of my favorite shops down in the East Village and there I found a post card for a ladies night out event that intrigued me. I have been admiring the post card sitting here on my desk the last couple of days and today I decided to see what exactly is the "Sumptuous Chair". I Google searched it and found this great little business that does custom designed chairs. I would love to show you an example picture but am unable to use a photo from the website so you will have to go see it for your self here.

Here is a chair from Anthropologie that I would LOVE to have. It reminds me of The Sumptuous Chair's.

Warm Wishes, warm feet.

Tomorrow will mark the day of my one week anniversary of having carpet down in my basement. "Ha ha, what kind of anniversary is that you say?" Well, it was a long process that I have been working towards for the past year and this marks a great achievement. Don't worry I took many pictures to document this great event.

This is the basement with concrete floors

Here I have the carpet down. It's hard to see the difference but I can definitely feel it. It's amazing how much cozier it feels downstairs. So much more family room like instead of studio loft like. (I am not saying I don't want studio loft but carpet works better in this location.)

Monday, April 23, 2007

Science of Sleep

Originally uploaded by morles16.
A lot of my life lately has consisted of my basement and getting it finished. (I will blog pictures of that later) My little living room sitting area now has a tv thanks to my great friends who gave it to me. Now that it has a tv I can watch my favorite movie, Science of Sleep downstairs instead of on my mini dvd player in my bedroom. The last two weeks I have watched the movie almost every night. My favorite scene is when Stephane is having his dream that he is in Stephanie's apartment and he is collecting pieces of her art work for an exhibition. I love the felted items that she has made and also her knitting machine.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Vintage Button Swap

This past weekend a majority of my time outside of working was spent preparing a package for a vintage button swap that I joined through a fellow blogger. I have been meaning to post a blog about it sooner than today but work has been hectic and my computer at home has been on the fritz. Things have slowed down and I had my brother over fixing my computer so I am up and blogging again.
This is a picture of the fabric and piece of art I composed to hold the vintage buttons. I felt the need to be more creative than just putting the buttons in a envelope and saying here you go. There is to be some fun made into it. Many of you might recognize this purse/ad with buttons sew on it. I drew inspiration from a past project I made for color forecasting in one of my fashion classes. "Ok, enough explaining post the picture!" you are thinking.

My little package was mailed off on Monday to a gal in Chile. I hope that she enjoys everything.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

It's worth a try.

Welcome everyone to my very first "official blog" . This has been a thought in process for about the last 6 months and I finally decided that this IS the time to begin.
To introduce myself I will start out saying that I am all around "domestic" girl. I love to do anything that involves my hands. Cooking, sewing, knitting, crocheting, crafting, designing and decorating. You name it I do it or have tried it. I have a bachelors degree in interior design, associates degree's in fashion design and also marketing. I currently work in the field of interior design for a home interiors store and would love to some day open up my very own little shop of my own to get away from the corporate life. I have many dreams.
I am definitely not eloquent with words and not an english major so I hope that all of you enjoy my little projects, finds, and dreams and pardon my errors.
Happy Reading and Crafting!
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