Monday, September 29, 2008

Birthday Wish List

My family has been asking me what I want for my birthday so I thought I would compile a wish list because the day is coming up very quickly!

First and Foremost Money

iTunes Gift Card

Dan in Real Life DVD and Soundtrack (one or the other or whatever)

Martha Stewart Cookies Cookbook

Over and Over

Printing By Hand

A Year of Mornings

Garlic Press

Cupcake Carrier (found this one at Target also seen one at Micheal's)

Sleeping Bag ( a nice long one!!! in a cool Leslie Color)

Sleeping Pad (thick and comfy)

Lollia Relax Hand Cream (may be purchased at Eden).

Also anything else you might find that would suit me well or is on my Etsy Favorites!

Or if you feel rich you can get me this!

Birch Tree Wallpaper by Cole and Son (may also be purchased through Anthropologie or Rose and Radish)

Saturday, September 27, 2008

T-Shirts Are here!

This is old news to every other website I write on but I thought I better keep up with them all. Finally, I finished my screen and improved my printing techniques well enough to produce my first round of Layered Cake T-shirts!

It took many practice rounds before I committed to my t-shirts.

It didn't turn out very well. I was very upset, thinking my screen was not exposed long enough and that the emulsion was keeping the ink from coming through in areas.

Then after about 6 tries or more and some screen needle poking I thought i would give it a shot with black ink. TA DA! It worked! David forgot to mention to me when I was purchasing ink that pearlescent does not work well. My pink ink is pearlescent! That was all my problems the entire time! So after much deliberation I decided to just print in black on this run. So there you have it!

Please go ahead and purchase your very own Cake t-shirts at my etsy to help fund my trip to Felt Club in November. :) I only have one size of each right now so get it quite before it is sold out!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

New merch coming soon to Etsy!

I've been waiting long enough and I am sure many of you have been just as anxious. This evening with my brother's help I was able to burn my cake design into my screen for my t-shirts that will be coming to my Etsy site very soon!

Here is a sneak peak for you all to see!

I am hoping to get them made this weekend on my weekend off!

Pudding filled

I got the idea of these cupcakes from of course yours truly, Martha Stewart. I made my own recipe knowing that I can do this in a reasonable time as well as having all the ingredients. So here is the finished product. All ready to go for tomorrow's birthday party at work.

Yellow cupcakes with Chocolate pudding filling and French Silk Frosting

WHAT the.......

I've been growing this Zucchini plant all summer long and have been very disappointed in the results. They have all rotted before they have gotten large enough to pick to eat. This evening I thought my friend Micah and I should just check the plant real quick to see if there was anything at all that we could throw on the grill with our pork chops.

Well, there was!I think it will feed us more than one meal.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Cupcake Pops

Bakerella has inspired me to try making my own.

After sweat, blood and tears they are all finished! Ok, it wasn't that hard but it took me 2 days to make them and I was frustrated and tired by the end. They sure look cute though and taste yummy!

I believe I went to bed last night with a sugar overdose from all the tasting I did.

You can find the directions to make your very own and also watch how they are made on Martha.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Cool breeze

Tonight was the first moment I thought to myself that fall is really coming. Walking out of work the breeze was very cool and the air even smelled a little bit like fall. It makes me want to break out my knitting needles and yarn, brew a cup of coffee and sit and enjoy the peacefullness. So while you are waiting for your fall to come enjoy some new knitting patterns from my good old favorite Kim Hargreaves
This one looks like it will keep you warm in the cool breezes of fall.
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