Thursday, May 31, 2007

Event Specialist

If you want to know what's going on or happening ask me because it might be likely that I know about something cool happening. Or not. But hey, I just discovered this great event in Chicago that is the "Anti-NeoCon" for all you designers out there. It is actually called the Guerilla Truck show and you can read more about it here. This looks like the indi thing to do. And if I was around Chicago at the time of the event you would see me there. So check it out for me. Make me jealous that I don't live there and can attend all these cool Chi-town events.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Summer's the time.

Craft fair season is approaching us! Oh there are so many I would love to attend. If I only had the budget and vacation time to go to all. Maybe someday.

Here is a listing of a couple here in the Midwest.

Craft Saturday I will be attending this one! It's a small craft show but going for Jade Scott a jewelry designer from Omaha is well worth it. She has unique designs that I love. I purchased two pairs of earrings from her at the April show and I had someone stop me and ask if they were Jade's. I get comments on them all the time.
This is the flier from the April show. The next show is June 23, 2007 9 a.m. - 2 p.m.
The Renegade Craft Fair in Chicago. I believe it is closer to Christmas if I am remembering correctly.
Handmade Market Midsommarfest, June 9-10 :: Summer on Southport, July 28-29 :: Retro on Roscoe Aug 4-5

Monday, May 28, 2007

Diving Adventures

One of my favorite hobbies that I never remember to list under interest when doing profiles is dumpster diving. The thrill of finding some treasure in another persons trash makes me squeal with excitement. Tonight my flatmate and boyfriend and I went bike riding and I was lucky enough to bring my camera along on our adventure. Not only were we able to enjoy the evening breeze, sweat, get bug bites all over, but also find a large pile of treasure at the end of someones lane. Weee! So here are the great pics I caught on our evening adventure.

To safely carry my camera while biking I thought my "lumbar pack" (not a fanny pack) would be perfect. I'm pointing to the logo so people won't get it confused.

Moving some one else's treasures out of the way of OUR treasure.

It takes two to load the record player/radio into the Euro Van. Thank goodness there was three of us so I could capture the moment with my camera that I toted along in my "lumbar pack".

Sorthing through the vinyl to see if there is anything valuable. Lots and lots of Kenny Rodgers. Someone had an obsession I believe.

Votes Wanted

I have been working on my logo for my blog and am thinking about changing the font on "everything domestic" and I have three options that I really like and can't decide upon. I thought maybe you guys would like to be involved in helping me make that decision. I will list my three options and you guys can't post a comment voting on the one you like best.

option a:

option b:
option c:

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Weekend Update

It's almost Wednesday and I haven't told you about my great weekend trip to Chicago. All I have to say is that it wasn't long enough. My flatmate, her boyfriend and I got a late start Friday night and got in at about 3 am I think. I was so lucky I didn't have to do the driving because I wasn't able to keep my eyes open after about 1. (Thanks you guys for driving this one! I don't remember the last time I didn't have to drive myself there.)

Saturday morning we all got up and I took the responsibility of making breakfast because that is my favorite meal to make. I also think it is because I am the main cooker out of the group. I made my old classic poached and scrambled eggs. Also had some Amish Friendship Bread I had in my freezer that I brought along for the weekend. Wayde made tea. It was great sitting in the kitchen with the morning sun shining in. I wish I had every morning to appreciate it like that. Here is a picture of the girls place.

Angie and I headed out to see and visit the shops around her neighborhood. Got some good little pics.

We then hopped on the "L" to go downtown to shop some of our favorite stores. Here, here and here. We also had to eat lunch at our most favorite burrito place. MMMMM! We ventured the city all afternoon and evening. Another great friend of mine from school met up with us and amazingly put up with us shopping at all our stores. I got these great yellow and gold sunglasses at H and M that Jonathan is modeling for us. It's the season for HUGE sunglasses from the 70's.

By the time we got home from walking all over creation we were hungry for supper and pretty tired. Out to dinner we went, to a little Italian place that was oh so yummy. I had chicken with a white wine sauce. I wished I had room for dessert but was entirely way to full to fit anything else in my stomach. After dinner we tried to go out and have some more fun but was just to tired and hot to stand around and try to socialize more.

Sunday morning we met up with another good friend of mine for breakfast. I was fascinated by all the artwork and decor at the little breakfast restaurant. I wanted to take lots and lots of pictures but was afraid of getting frowned at and I had a gentleman sitting only a foot away from me at the booth and I didn't want to irritate him. So I only have a few photos from breakfast and I am I keeping them a secret for a little something I am working on. This picture Matt took for me.

The time I spent in Chicago was only a short two days that went buy so quickly. We did so many things am hoping to make another longer trip later at the end of summer.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Go ahead and comment.

It's been to my wonderment why I haven't had but only one comment in the span I have had my blog up. Yesterday I realized why. I didn't have my settings right and you all had to be registered to be able to comment. Why didn't any of you tell me sooner? So all is fixed I believe and you can go ahead and comment up a storm. Please let me know if anything else is goofy. I am trying to figure out how to use this still.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Nothing Creative

I am sorry it's been way to long since I have blogged, 5 days total. Nothing creative has been going on in my life in those days. I have been busy working, spending time with my mom for Mother's day, and going to concerts.
The two concerts I attend were fantastic! I saw Tapes n Tapes on Friday night at the Vaudeville Mews. Harlem Shakes opened for them and it was a great old evening of listening to great music and knitting. I am currently working on a present for a friend that is at least a month late. Woops, sorry.
I guess I was being creative but I didn't even think of it. No cool pictures because I want to keep my item a secret. After I am finished I will post pics.
Last night I went to see my favorite local band The Envy Corps play with their fellow record label band The Killers. Man, it was hot and miserable. I was so excited to see TEC play for a sold out crowd on a big stage with all the fancy lighting. I think they rocked out more that I have ever seen them. By far though I much rather go to the Mews and enjoy a little show any day over seeing someone big like the Killers.
So there you go you guys. Nothing to new and exciting.
I am headed to Chicago for the weekend so I hope to have lots of inspiring pictures and crafts to show you all.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

"A clean desk.....

The crafting desk.
Originally uploaded by morles16.
is a sure sign of a sick mind." a sign that I have hanging up near my desk at home. My dad gave it to me many years ago because we have some of the most cluttered desks around. But we say there is a method to our madness and if we try to be really organized we can't find anything.
This morning on MSN an article caught my attention "Is a Messier Desk Better?". I would say YES, but who am I to say so. Maybe this article can help rationalize all of our cluttered desks out there.

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Good Morning

Originally uploaded by morles16.
This morning is a wonderful spring morning here in my suburbia. I can hear the Robins singing and the cool breeze is wondering in through my windows. For breakfast I have two poached eggs, a piece of sprout bread with agave nectar drizzled on top. I also decided to brew a pot of Ground Works Coffee because I deserve it today. I just wish I didn't have to run off to a job so I could sit in the hammock and sip the rest of the pot of coffee down while listening to the birds sing.
Have a great morning!

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Calling all Sudgestions

One of my bestest friends from school just moved to the Bucktown area in Chicago and I am going to visit her in a couple of weeks. She has put me in charge of finding cool places to see and shop. Does anyone have any great suggestions of places that I have to see? I would greatly appreciate hearing about places any of you have loved and would not mind letting someone else in on your secret.
I have been to the area before and actually went on a great field trip for my History of Design Three class to Pagoda Red. It is a great Asian antique shop that was three stories of amazing things. I made my very first Asian antique purchase there. It is a small carved piece of wood that has a ditch carved out of it and is stained a dark mahogany color. I use it as my business card holder. I adore it. I have also eaten at Cafe De Luca and would recommend it to anymore passing by. I would enjoy eating at the Forest Park location whenever my friends and I had a chance. We could sit there for hours nibbling on our food, sipping wine and having great conversations. What great memories! I miss that place, Chicago.


Gong Fu Tea
Originally uploaded by morles16.
Monday was such a great day to have off this week! It was so beautiful outside. With such a great sunny day Laurie, my little sister and I headed towards the Arboretum to get some great pictures of all the tree blossoms. As we arrived to our dismay the arboretum was flooded and the park closed. We were so disappointed. Last year the flowers were so amazing we didn't want to miss it this year for more photo ops. Well, it doesn't look like there will be any this year so we headed downtown for the alternative. I grabbed an iced Ancient Happiness from Gong Fu to sip on while I sweated it out in the hot sun. It ended up being a really hot day.
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