Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Nothing Creative

I am sorry it's been way to long since I have blogged, 5 days total. Nothing creative has been going on in my life in those days. I have been busy working, spending time with my mom for Mother's day, and going to concerts.
The two concerts I attend were fantastic! I saw Tapes n Tapes on Friday night at the Vaudeville Mews. Harlem Shakes opened for them and it was a great old evening of listening to great music and knitting. I am currently working on a present for a friend that is at least a month late. Woops, sorry.
I guess I was being creative but I didn't even think of it. No cool pictures because I want to keep my item a secret. After I am finished I will post pics.
Last night I went to see my favorite local band The Envy Corps play with their fellow record label band The Killers. Man, it was hot and miserable. I was so excited to see TEC play for a sold out crowd on a big stage with all the fancy lighting. I think they rocked out more that I have ever seen them. By far though I much rather go to the Mews and enjoy a little show any day over seeing someone big like the Killers.
So there you go you guys. Nothing to new and exciting.
I am headed to Chicago for the weekend so I hope to have lots of inspiring pictures and crafts to show you all.

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