Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Snow Day

When was the last time we got a snow day... REALLY? So it was exciting to have one today even though we had a little bit of trouble in the beginning.

Woke up with my bedroom feeling very very cold... the heat had gone out. This has a tendency of happening when it snows so much and it drifts up the side of my house blocking the exhaust causing the pilot light to go out. Dad was able to come save the day and put on some extensions.

There were deer in the front yard when we arrive to my parents house to do some Christmas baking.

We mixed up 3 types of cookies... Snickerdoodles, Sugar Cookies, and Chocolate Crinkles and chilled the dough outside because there was no room in the fridge.

Decided to use the snowflake cookie cutters on the sugar cookies. They turned out so pretty.

Many, many more things should have been accomplished today on my day off. But that will have to happen another day. Still have several Christmas gifts to get made.
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