Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Flower Power

I am getting ready for one of my best friends personal shower/bachelorette party to be held at my house this Friday evening and the theme is daisies. It is Brooke's favorite flower ever since I can remember, so I am going wild with all the flower/daisy things I can do without going over board.
Balloon flowers made to be daisies.

Altered thank you cards for all the galls to self address.
I found the perfect pre-made "thank you's" at Target and decided they would look much better if I added a daisy to it.

Friday, June 15, 2007


Finally, I can write about my leg warmers that I finished knitting about a month ago. I just received news from my friend Raechel that they received their package of delights. I know leg warmers are a little out of season unless you live on the other side of the equator but sometimes it just takes me way to long to finish a project and it is done out of season. woops. So in the cool nights of California or crank your AC up and pretend it's the right season to wear them.

Me modeling the finished product.

All rolled up and ready to put in with the other items to be mailed off.

Here it is almost all ready to mail. Everything except the cookies placed in box.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007


This dress would be perfect for me! Just this morning I noticed that I had a smear of makeup on my collar and had to get the stain stick out to make myself look a little more professional.

"Coffee dress" of the "Elegant disaster" collection
text: ooops!!! I did it again! I poured coffee/wine/coke etc on my dress...I don’t care. Stains are so beautiful!
Details:materials: cotton, screen printAuthor: KOd, Marta Florkowska 2006/2007

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Cake, it's what's for dinner

I love baking cake! It's the truth. I love to watch the old Pollyanna movie just because the fact they bake three layer cakes in the movie. I love to watch the part when they slice it up and serve it out. Strange, I know. I just find in fun and delightful.

Here are some pictures of the cake I baked this weekend for Kendra's Birthday. It was a confetti cake with white butter cream frosting.

Can I have my cake and eat it to?

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Books in a Rainbow

My book shelves were getting a little unruly so I decided that I needed to add some organization along with life to my books. The way to do that was to create a rainbow. I've always organized them through subject and size before and they looked ok but not as cools as they do now. Like a gal who comment on my flickr page "how cool would it be if Libraries did this?!".

Go ahead, try this. It might make things look a little bit more colorful around your craft room.

Travel Swap

I am finally finished with my craft project that I created for the Free People Travel Swap. It took me weeks to make a final decision on what I was gonna make. I went back and forth with all sorts of ideas. Some of my ideas I still want to make, maybe for myself. What I ended up creating was an altered book with a map of the U.S. that you could ad push pins into to show destinations you've gone.

One of my good co-workers that I love to bounce ideas of off helped me come up with the idea and also the quote that I added to the map. "You can travel coast to coast... but home is what you love the most."

I also added some more embellishments. Stickers saying "Travel", and "Home", also some tags hanging off a string.
The back of the book I printed off some mini post cards from Iowa and also Virginia the location me and my swap partners are from and did a little collage with them.
I had great fun creating this little book. I think I might had to make one for myself. You can check out other people's crafted items at the Flickr swap sight here.

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