Monday, May 28, 2007

Diving Adventures

One of my favorite hobbies that I never remember to list under interest when doing profiles is dumpster diving. The thrill of finding some treasure in another persons trash makes me squeal with excitement. Tonight my flatmate and boyfriend and I went bike riding and I was lucky enough to bring my camera along on our adventure. Not only were we able to enjoy the evening breeze, sweat, get bug bites all over, but also find a large pile of treasure at the end of someones lane. Weee! So here are the great pics I caught on our evening adventure.

To safely carry my camera while biking I thought my "lumbar pack" (not a fanny pack) would be perfect. I'm pointing to the logo so people won't get it confused.

Moving some one else's treasures out of the way of OUR treasure.

It takes two to load the record player/radio into the Euro Van. Thank goodness there was three of us so I could capture the moment with my camera that I toted along in my "lumbar pack".

Sorthing through the vinyl to see if there is anything valuable. Lots and lots of Kenny Rodgers. Someone had an obsession I believe.

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breanna said...

I just found your blog from the fp flickr group. I am doing the travel swap too. Isn't dumpster diving fun? And my vote for the font change is option b. Have a great weekend!

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