Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Calling all Sudgestions

One of my bestest friends from school just moved to the Bucktown area in Chicago and I am going to visit her in a couple of weeks. She has put me in charge of finding cool places to see and shop. Does anyone have any great suggestions of places that I have to see? I would greatly appreciate hearing about places any of you have loved and would not mind letting someone else in on your secret.
I have been to the area before and actually went on a great field trip for my History of Design Three class to Pagoda Red. It is a great Asian antique shop that was three stories of amazing things. I made my very first Asian antique purchase there. It is a small carved piece of wood that has a ditch carved out of it and is stained a dark mahogany color. I use it as my business card holder. I adore it. I have also eaten at Cafe De Luca and would recommend it to anymore passing by. I would enjoy eating at the Forest Park location whenever my friends and I had a chance. We could sit there for hours nibbling on our food, sipping wine and having great conversations. What great memories! I miss that place, Chicago.

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