Sunday, January 10, 2010

year of the bread

(Brioche Bread I made last week, the first bread of the year)

This evening I had a revelation come to me... this year is the year of the bread. Last year was all about cake. Now don't take this the wrong way, I am not dissing the cake in any way. You know how much I LOVE CAKE!

Last year was trying out all sorts of new cake recipes and trying new techniques, pans, ingredients, you name it. I even started attending an evening dedicated to CAKE once a week.

Well, this evening at my so called "Cake Night" we got off onto the topic of bread. To find out... I am not the only one that has taken on this sudden interest, there are others in my clan that are thinking the same thoughts as I! We want to make our very own bread... we want to experience the sense of achievement... of learning something new! We are ready to try something a little more complicated. (that's my feelings towards bread, scared sick of it... or maybe just impatient with it and discourage when it doesn't rise.)

We've determined that we are going to take on the challenge of bread and see if we can make a year of trying new recipes, techniques, you name it!

So wish me and many of my other friends luck! We are going to try something new this year... BREAD!

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Raechel said...

That bread looks to die for! We ended up this weekend making 2 successful loaves of bread - 1 a basic white bread with rolled oats and sea salt on top and then a cinnamon raising bread. Using this recipe. I'm next dreaming of making olive bread, rosemary/evoo bread, etc...I'm out of control! and its super easy!!!

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