Thursday, June 25, 2009

A night of Printing

Sarah and I worked like mad last night to finish up another batch of binders now available in 1"round rings, instead of our past size of 1 1/2" D-Ring. We are really excited about this smaller size, thinking it might be a little bit more versatile for users out there.

The binders will be available for purchase at the up coming 80-35 Music Festival on Saturday July 4th. We will be vending outside of the music grounds so anyone may come and see us without having a ticket to get in. Booth hours are 11 to 5 so come on over and say "Hi!" to me and my guest , Sarah will be out of town.

We also will have the new sizes up for sale on our Etsy site so you may order them if you are unable to stop over and see us.


Maren Layne said...

your "etsy" link isn't working.

Jillian Frances said...

Congratulations on being on decor8 yesterday! That's awesome. And I love all the new stuff in your shop.

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