Tuesday, June 23, 2009


This evening I went to an open house for my mom's work. We had a tour of the building and got to see all the things they make. There was one thing in particular that I was impressed with and that was the SIZE of this screen! Never in my life have I seen such a large screen nor have I seen screen printing equipment this large. I was totally "geaking" out over it all.

Here I am standing in front of the screen and remember I am 6 foot tall.

Now, if you are printing with screens this size how in the world do you expose them? Here is the machine that does that. I believe they lay up to 3 screens onto it at one time. WHOA!

I wish that I would have taken pictures of the wash out as well as the press for you guys to see... and why didn't I ask to see one of those squeegees too? So much larger than anything I do!


JB Knacker said...

I love stopping by your blog as it is so fun & hip! We'll be having the breakfast club again the last Saturday in July...hope that works for you. I'm so sorry to hear about you job...but you absolutely have the right attitude, so move forward w/ what you love. I would love to see if any of your creations would work in my shop!! Talk to you soon, Brenda

Kelli B said...

Okay it's official. I'm CERTAIN we crossed paths last night! I was at the open house too, and spoke a lot with your mom!!!!!!

How have we not been introduced? :)

Kelli B said...

Too random! I probably saw you last night too. Funny!

No we dont go to re-church, we got to Westwind now. But we were going to Echo Park/Two Rivers, for a few weeks, so maybe you saw us there!

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