Thursday, April 30, 2009

Learn to Crochet D.I.Y Night

This next D.I.Y night we are going to take the plunge into learning how to Crochet as well as maybe start creating an Apple Cozy for those who are ready for a little challenge.

I will confess I have not made the cozy ever before but have been aspiring to and I feel this would be a great time to try to figure it out. I purchased one to use as a pattern and have ended up loving taking my apple in my lunch to work with me. It's a perfect little case.

This pic is from Pigatopia Studios

For those of you who have not ever crocheted before, don't you worry. Crocheting seams to be simpler than knitting if you are intimidated by it. When I learned to crochet many years ago I thought I would never be a knitter because knitting was to confusing and took to long. But I was wrong, I did eventually pick up the knitting needles but I would have to save crocheting is a good place to begin in the needle craft department.

So here are the supplies you will need to bring:

1. Crochet Hook 2.5 mm (from my experience the Susan Bates brand is my favorite type of hook. The 3 pack I have linked here would be a good one to purchase because the sizes here will work for our project.)

2. Apple Cozy Pattern Printed out here from the web (ok, that link doesn't work and I can't figure out the pattern so I tried this one and with a few alterations have gotten it to work.)

3. 1 skein of Yarn (bring a simple 100% cotton in a light color. I say light because then you will be able to see what you are doing. If you get black or navy or something else dark like that it will be hard to see your stitches.)
4. Scissors

5. Button
If you are further interested in more fruit cozies patterns take a look here at The Indigo Phial blog.

I hope to see you this coming Tuesday May 19th, at Mars Cafe 7-9 pm!

p.s. if you don't feel like crocheting feel welcome to bring any other project you might want to work on and join us for some good banter.

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