Wednesday, April 15, 2009

B.Y.O.P. D.I.Y. Night

When I started the idea of D.I.Y Nights I wanted to have nights that we do not have an organized project and instead everyone brings their own project they are working on. We can socialize with each other as well as get ideas and inspiration from all the different types of crafts each and every person is doing. Sometimes I need to just have a dedicated time that I work on a project that I have been trying to finish forever or I just need to get a shot of creativity from someone else.

So please come join us for the next "Do it yourself night" when you get to actually do it yourself by bringing your very own project, Tuesday, April 21st 7-9 pm at Mars Cafe. Don't worry if you don't have a project to work on, we always enjoy having your company.


chimes said...

ooooh this sounds like the perfect DIY night for me. I have so many random projects I'm working on I never have time to come to DIY night.

Mariah said...

i love this quote leslie. yesterday jen and i were talking about how you're most always happy. come be my injection!

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