Thursday, June 12, 2008

Wednesday Night Events

Off to Omaha I went last night, me and several of my friends to see Sigur Ros. Oh gosh do I love Sigur Ros, especially in concert! I was sooo excited for this concert! Last I saw them was in Kansas City.

As we approached the Omaha region dark dark clouds were greeting us with tornado warnings blaring through the radio as well as the sirens. We decided right after we got into Omaha that it would be a good idea to get off the interstate, the sky looked sooo angry.

Of all places we could of got off the interstate at, we got off at the exit for the Rosenplat baseball stadium. We decided to see if we could take shelter there. What fun, we joined baseball security and sound equipment employees in their press room and had a ball (bahahahaha good joke Leslie!) goofing off helping the sound guys do sound checks and pretending we were baseball players/anchormen.
Jennifer, "OH NO, what are we going to do?"

Grant and Allison

Finally, the worst was over and back on the road we went. They postponed the show and we arrived about 10 minutes before the it started. THANK GOODNESS, we didn't miss anything!

It was wonderful! Not quite as wonderful as when I saw them last in Kansas City but still good.

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