Saturday, June 7, 2008

STRANGE things!

I couldn't tell you what it is but it feels like there should be some reason why the second house fire has occured in my neighborhood as of two weeks ago.

We had a bad storm come through early Friday morning and I remember be startled to death by a very loud clap of thunder. I think I practically jumped out of my bed! I thought that ONE had to be really close! And it was, five houses down from me!

Strangely enough I didn't hear the fire trucks and no smell of smoke woke me up. I just was getting ready to leave for a weekend trip to Chicago and I opened up the garage door to see all the emergency vehicles in the street.

Lighting hit the house and started a fire in the basement. It doesn't look like it is a total loss unlike the other house, but it sure scares me. Maybe I should start sleeping with the fire extinguisher?

Update on the other house: Drove past Wednesday morning to find it being bulldozed down. Now it's a big empty hole.


Raechel said...

I suggest you buy a lighting rod for your house

soZealous said...

lightning doesn't strike twice...besides, you're already had your house fire! RELAX.

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