Friday, August 12, 2011


It is sad to me that I have been here in Brooklyn for almost a month and half and haven't gone back to Four and Twenty Blackbirds to have some pie? It's not like I need any more pie though... it goes right to the thighs. But it sure sounds good right?

Perusing bon appetit's website and they have some deliciously sinful looking pie recipes. Mom just put my issue in the mail for me and I am hoping it is just as inspiring for me. In September I will finally have my kitchen items moved out to me and I can go back to baking. Sadly I've only made one batch of cookies as well as strawberry ice cream this summer. I miss baking!

So maybe you want to take up some pie baking this weekend on your days off and bring over a piece while I'm at the Flea. I would greatly appreciate it!

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