Friday, August 5, 2011

The Duvet...

this being probably the hardest decision out of all my decisions for the new bedroom. This is what the rest of the bedroom design will be based from.  Now that I say that I do have a pillow that I received from one of my best friends as a going away present that is headlining all the decisions.

As you can see, my favored color pallet is gray and white with accents of mustard yellow. The Draper Striped duvet from Dwell Studio has been one of my favorites for the last couple of years and it is on the top of my list but I have one dilemma with it...  being the true color is not that of what we've all seen in the catalog and online. I went to see it in person at ABC Home store in Manhattan and was torn and what I had thought was my final decision. The gray being more of a taupe and the yellow being much more gold.

This picture is more true to what the actual color is.

In my disappointment with the color way of the duvet I have searched all over to find something remotely like it. Obviously I've fallen short and am not happy with any of my other finds.

Until.... I spotted this duvet! 

I just ordered it and am hoping not to have a let down once it arrives. The price is AMAZING and so we will see if I get what I paid for. From the description as well as the reviews it is gray and white and has been better then what the customer's have expected, so my fingers are crossed. I was also thinking that if I really want to have a yellow edge around it I can sew it on myself to make it more similar to the Dwell duvet. 

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