Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Reading food blogs late at night are not always a good idea. I am lying here in bed with a rumbling stomach and looking at delicious foods that are making me salivate. I just really should go to sleep and get a good nights rest so that tomorrow I can go explore more of Brooklyn and enjoy some real food versus dreaming about it.

Before I go to bed I wanted to share with you quickly the new salad recipe that I found today from Kinfolk. I made it tonight for the Vegetarians and I and it was a success. I had to change a few ingredients due to the fact the grocery store bellow us didn't have parmesan cheese and I didn't want to spend $13.00 on pine nuts. My revisions where delicious... give it a try for yourself!

Also while I am in the food mode I went and hand dinner at Eat last week with my friend Erica. It was her CSA's night at the restaurant and nearly everything they served us was from her CSA. Delicious food and such a fantastic atmosphere. There was no menu, we just sat down at the table and was served the three course pre-set meal. I have no idea what some of the items I ate or even the names of the dishes but it was good!


Mariah said...

That video is beautiful. I have been meaning to make this (http://smittenkitchen.com/2011/05/ribboned-asparagus-salad-with-lemon/) asparagus salad for a while. It looks to be the same.

Leslie said...

Does it remind of you something David would film? It does me. I started watching other videos that Tiger Milk have made and there are some really need ones!

That is the same salad, you should go for it!

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