Saturday, March 14, 2009

D.I.Y. Block (Printing) Partaaay!

Block printing is on the agenda! Come join us with supplies in hand and you will learn the basics of carving and printing a single or double color block.

IMPORTANT!! These supplies are not easy to come by in Des Moines, you should go shopping early for these so you can order supplies if needed. (The Art Store or Hobby Lobby)

1. Speedball Block Printing Kit (ranges in price pending where you get it. $17-25) comes with 1 carving tool with 3 different blade, 1 lino block, 1 brayer, 1 Styrofoam meat tray, 1 tube of black ink.

2. Speedball Block Printing Ink, any colors that you want to do your design with.

3. 1 Piece of Carbon Transfer Paper, available at a sewing store or The Art Store.

4. Paper to print on. (such as nice light colored card stock as well as some printer paper for test prints.)

5. Pencil and Sharpie

6. DESIGN! Bring a simple design that you want to carve into your block.

7. White Staedler Eraser or a Speedy Carve block for beginner block to carve.

8. Band-aids :)


m.shwery said...

i never need the band-aids!

Leslie said...

I am glad you don't need the band-aids Matt! I have other friends that tend to gouge themselves every time they carve a block.

Anonymous said...

Wish I could come, this one sounds like fun, but something about the fact that I'm paying an undisclosed amount of money to go to college...

Have fun

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