Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Warm heart and hands on Valentines day!

You might not need hand warmers on a day like yesterday... 60 degrees. But just wait because I hear we are going to get snow tomorrow.

A small group of us got sewing to make some very cute little hand warmers last night at DIY/craft night at Mars Cafe. Erin of SoZealous brought some fabric samples from her work to re-use as her hand warmers. (How environmental conscious!) I did some screen and block printing on my fabric to personalize it to coordinate with my Valentine cards that have special sayings such as "Wood you be mine?" and "You take the cake!"
Some of the gentle men at Mars even tested them out on their faces for some heat therapy. So as you see there are many other ways these handy little rice packs can be used.

We also had a large group of people who joined us for great conversation. Alyssa from Vitea Design Collective and her Husband Josh joined us in conversation and we discusses all things DIY.

Please come join us for our next DIY night Tuesday February 24th, same time same place! For more pictures go here.

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