Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine Swap

Another year has come and gone that I participated in the Free People Valentine Swap. This will be the 3rd year as well as the best! I had a fantastic swap partner, we exchanged emails several times, got to know each other a little, as well as found out that her roommate was trading Valentines with another friend of mine!
So this is what I made:
A broach made out of recycled magazine pages

I block printed the card with the saying, "you make the cake!", and this is how I packaged the broach in a cellophane bag and some pink crinkle stuffing.

Then to finish it off I sent a cake t-shirt along as well to top off the cake theme.


Mean Millie said...

Your swap partner is LUCKY!!

Emmadime said...

I sure I am!
Im wearing the tee RIGHT NOW....

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