Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Knitting Know How

FANTASTIC turn out last night at Mars Cafe for Knitting 101! Wow, I am totally impressed.

We spent the evening learning the basics of knitting. Casting on, knitting and the final... casting off. There was not a specific project that we worked on due to the large amount of beginners and lack of time. The basics were the most important to learn so hopefully everyone could then go on to making their own scarf, headband, washcloth and more.

We hope to do Knitting 102 very soon to refresh on what was learned last night as well as learn how to purl and make a pattern with the combination of purl and knit stitches.

Good luck to all the beginner knitters out there! Don't get discouraged over difficulties, just You Tube some instructions or give me a holler it you need any help or advice. Knitting takes time to learn and you just have to keep doing it.

Hope to see you at the next DIY!


Emmadime said...

Did you wear your bow!!
Looks like fun :)

Leslie said...

I didn't wear my bow that evening but I did wear it out last week. I LOVE it so much. You should just ask everyone. :)

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