Monday, January 19, 2009

Urbanestics D.I.Y. /craft Night

This week for DIY/Craft night we will be making boxes or bowls out of recycled magazines or newspapers.

Supplies that you will need for our project:

Old magazines or Newspapers, whatever you prefer. It makes the final product different looking depending on what you use.

Scissors and or if you have a roller cutter and cutting mat bring that.

Tacky Glue, paint brush to spread glue, container for mixing glue with a little bit of water.

Clips or clamps to hold you box together while the glue dries. (clothes pins, chip bag clips and so on)

Bone, paper folder if you have one. This item is optional, it will help folding your paper if you have one. I have also used a spoon from my kitchen in placement of a bone folder.

Here is a link for "how to" pictures on Flickr.

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