Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas with Half the Family

This year was the epidemic of the flu (I even got it myself Christmas night.) so Christmas wasn't the same this year. As I think about it..... about 6 years ago I got the flu on Christmas night as well. Hmmmm? The Flu as well as the weather impacted how our Christmas went. We left Grandma's early because we had to get home before the freezing rain came.

Let me tell you..... it's only December 27th and I am ready for winter to be over. I dream of the warm sun beating down on my skin and feeling weightless as I swim in refreshing cool water. Oh, I am ready for spring. Maybe I should get a pass the the Y and also a tanning membership so I can pretend it's not so cold out.

Soooo... on with it. Daniel and Jenna and my nieces did not join us for our yearly tradition of opening presents on Christmas Eve morning with the family so it was just half the family there. Got lots of wonerful presents and also enjoyed seeing everyones gifts they recieved.

Laurie's eco-friendly wrapping job. She personalized every package so that the content related to the person the gift was for. And of corse she had picked this article for me regarding a very un-atractive crocheted sweater.

My pile of gifts I recieved. New sleeping bag, screen printed lampshade and thrifted lamp, time to.... painting. All fantastic presents!

Mom and Dad and pup Polar. We children got Dad a good tripod for his camera.

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