Thursday, December 6, 2007

Christmas Tree 2007

Here is my christmas tree for 2007! Finaly up and sparkling as of yesterday. With the help of my dad and sister I was able to have such a nice looking tree. Dad took me to go pick it out. Yes, it is a real tree! We love the nostalga of a real tree along with the smell and uniqueness you get from year to year. Laurie helped me decorate it. We chose to go with the white theme and kept all the ornaments white, opaque, and clear. I made my newspaper trees that I got inspiration for last year from a store in MN called Digs in Northfeild. Laurie made snowflakes that look so great.


Anonymous said...

Where's the close up!?!?

Leslie said...

I am sorry I will have to add the close up picture at home when I can rotate the pic on my computer. You may also view the closeup on my flickr page

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