Friday, June 15, 2007


Finally, I can write about my leg warmers that I finished knitting about a month ago. I just received news from my friend Raechel that they received their package of delights. I know leg warmers are a little out of season unless you live on the other side of the equator but sometimes it just takes me way to long to finish a project and it is done out of season. woops. So in the cool nights of California or crank your AC up and pretend it's the right season to wear them.

Me modeling the finished product.

All rolled up and ready to put in with the other items to be mailed off.

Here it is almost all ready to mail. Everything except the cookies placed in box.


jade scott said...

hey, leslie! i keep trying to send you an email, but your mailbox hates me. can you send me a blank message? pretty please?

Anonymous said...

hello!!! i love my new leg warmers! Maybe I'll wear them today while I clean!



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