Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Flower Power

I am getting ready for one of my best friends personal shower/bachelorette party to be held at my house this Friday evening and the theme is daisies. It is Brooke's favorite flower ever since I can remember, so I am going wild with all the flower/daisy things I can do without going over board.
Balloon flowers made to be daisies.

Altered thank you cards for all the galls to self address.
I found the perfect pre-made "thank you's" at Target and decided they would look much better if I added a daisy to it.


Anonymous said...

For my shower I want roses made out of ballons :o)

Raechel said...

dang..that previous comment was from me

Leslie said...

I don't know if roses are possible? You just might have to switch your flower to daisies.

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