Saturday, January 5, 2008

I have a new toaster.

Ok, maybe not a real toaster but it looks like a toaster. My dreams came true last week when I made my very first car purchase of a Scion xb. I am so excited to have it! Very blessed too.
Nicknames I have received after getting my new car, "Short Buss", and "The Box". David labeled it for me just today. You can see it on the back end. Pardon the super dirtiness. Weather does not permit a clean looking car around here.


Mariah said...

ok, i've always loved "the toaster", but "the short bus" is pretty irresistible. david didn't know what that joke meant for a long time he said because he was home-schooled. haha

Anonymous said...


I guess you could put a magnetic sign on it when you deliver my homemade bread and call it the "mini bread toaster" or "speedy delivery mini bread toaster"! Ha!:)

Love, Mom

Rachel said...

NEAT!!! fyi: i love your diy

Brandon Jackson said...

Ha! I made that decal! Looks good on there!

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