Saturday, September 8, 2007

New Dress

This is my dress I have been working on for the last two weeks. It was good for me to have a dead line, my friend Nick's wedding or it might have never got done. My mom and I worked on this dress that was suppose to be a "Fast and Easy" pattern from Butterick for many hours. All afternoon and evening Sunday, all afternoon Monday. I cut out the pattern for the top three times before I got it right and the skirt twice. Good thing I had purchased many yards of the fabric. I think I might be a pro at this pattern by now. Does anyone want the same dress in the same fabric? hehehe. The reason for having to cut it out so many times was first I forgot that I am not a standard body type any everything always has th be altered to really fit me, the second time was because I altered the pattern incorrectly, so the third time was a charm. I imagine it wouldn't have taken us so long if I got around to sewing more often but I rarely do. I still have a pair of dress pants hanging in my closet from last fall that I was suppose to take the hem out and lengthen. Hopefully I will get around to doing it this fall so I have another pair of pants to wear for work. The sewing machine is now dusted off and warmed up we will have to see what other projects I get finished.

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Mariah said...

lovely lovely. and your pillows look smashing by the way!

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