Wednesday, August 8, 2007


As people are pounding their fist on their desks waiting for a new blog I have been absent from the world of blogging. My dreams and desires to make this a daily ritual faded to weekly, then bi-weekly and to know it's more like monthly. I had a feeling it was coming down to this when I switched jobs and my feelings were right. I use to have time while I was working the day away to keep up on all thing wonderful blogs out their on the world wide web and now I have hard enough time to keep up with my emails coming in for work questions. Oh what is happening to me? My creative ideas are all just figments of my imagination. My craft desk is piled up with projects that have been started and not finished and new materials for new items never started.
No worries everyone I am not quiting! I just need to learn to balance the new schedule. So I ask you to be patient with my while I go through this transition. It could also be the business of summer, vacations, weekend trips, weddings, parties, evenings at the lake, movies with my sister and spending good time with my family. There is never enough time to do it all.

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