Monday, September 28, 2009

Wonderful Fall

It's my favorite time of year! Cool breezes, beautiful color leaves, soup, apples, pumpkins, layering of clothing as well as my birthday.

As the day approaches that marks another year in my life I have created a little list of things I would enjoy.

First off, I always love kitchen accessories as well as cookbooks. You can never go wrong in the kitchen department with me.

I've compiled a list of items that I am dreaming about.

1. Large ice cream scoop for cupcake batter
2. Whirley Popper

3. America's Test Kitchen Baking cookbook

4. Sky High cookbook

5. Everyday Food subscription

Brothers; you are crafty, would you make me one of these that will fit my IPhone with my Mophie attached?

This lovely dock is from Woodtec

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