Friday, May 22, 2009

Market Day

Sarah and I have decided to join in on a fabulous new event starting up next weekend called Market Day (being hosted by Market Street Media Foundry next Saturday May, 30th from 9am to 2pm). We will be bringing out all our new merchandise from our UrbanPosture: Black Forest line as well as a few new items that we have made since our last showing at Craft Saturday. We have a new/revamped design that will be available on t-shirts and tea towels.

Come stop by and say "hi" and see our new merchandise and everyone else who will be there!


kelseycliche said...

I'm going to be in Chicago for this first one, but I'm trying to get the next one off of work to either go or have a booth, yay! I really like the UrbanPosture line so far!

STEPHANIE. said...

Hello! i love your blog. I am from Des Moines originally and was actually at Market Day this past weekend. I am thinking about signing up for June.

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