Saturday, September 27, 2008

T-Shirts Are here!

This is old news to every other website I write on but I thought I better keep up with them all. Finally, I finished my screen and improved my printing techniques well enough to produce my first round of Layered Cake T-shirts!

It took many practice rounds before I committed to my t-shirts.

It didn't turn out very well. I was very upset, thinking my screen was not exposed long enough and that the emulsion was keeping the ink from coming through in areas.

Then after about 6 tries or more and some screen needle poking I thought i would give it a shot with black ink. TA DA! It worked! David forgot to mention to me when I was purchasing ink that pearlescent does not work well. My pink ink is pearlescent! That was all my problems the entire time! So after much deliberation I decided to just print in black on this run. So there you have it!

Please go ahead and purchase your very own Cake t-shirts at my etsy to help fund my trip to Felt Club in November. :) I only have one size of each right now so get it quite before it is sold out!


Maren Layne said...

cool - what does the text say above the cake?

Leslie said...

The text say's "Have Your".

Jacob said...

They look even better in real life...btw, when is mine going to done??

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